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The Life Christian University (LCU),Florida, USA was established in 1995 by Dr Douglas Wingate at Tampa, Florida, USA. It has its campuses in 108 locations in 27 States of USA and in 15 foreign countries. It is accredited through the Transworld Accrediting Commission International, the world's largest non governmental school accrediting association.

Amazing Grace Church and Ministries is the authorized Extension Campus for UAE. The classes are conducted every Tuesday at Holy Trinity Church Campus from 7.30 p m to 10 pm in Room No 5C, St Mathias Hall

The types of certification offered by LCU – Dubai campus are listed below.
Each certification is about 10 months.
The Certificates are issued directly by LCU, Florida, USA

1. Diploma in Theology
2. Associate Degree in Theology
3. Advanced Diploma in Theology
4. Bachelor's Degree in Theology- B Th
5. Master of Theology – M Th

If you are a Secular Degree Holder or if you are already in the Ministry, you may be awarded the B Th (Bachelor of Theology degree) after completing two certification i.e. within 20 months.

The subjects are meant for practical spiritual growth. A few of them are listed below

1. Principles of Faith – How to exercise your faith
2. Christian Character – A true Christian behaviour
3. Biblical Finances – How to handle money spiritually
4. Divine Healing – Yes, If you believe you can heal
5. Ministry of Helps – How you can help in your own church
6. Authority of Believer – Yes, we will be king over circumstances
7. The Anointing – Yes, we are anointed – Discover it
8. Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Gifts – Discernment and use
9. Principles of Prayer – Pray powerful prayers
10. Homiletics – Learn to preach

To Enroll Contact:
Campus Director - Mr. P. S. Chandrasenan
E mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact mobiles– +971-52-9106763

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