Why AGM?


Top 10 reasons why you need to be part of


We believe we are called to be the salt and the light ….a voice to the Nations…

Gain Biblical knowledge: We have anointed teachers and preachers that effectively share the truth of the Bible week after week during our celebration services on Friday morning’s, Sabbath services, Life groups & Life Christian University classes. This will empower you with the knowledge of God’s Word to practice in your everyday life.

Get the most from Worship: With us, worship is always an enthralling and extra ordinary experience. Come and be part of anointed worship that enthrones the presence of the Almighty. In HIS presence, you will never be the same again.

We are a Family and build lasting Relationships: We understand what agape love and family means and we make an extra effort to go beyond the normal to express it. We believe in celebrating each other’s success and joining together in grief.

We have Fun together: We believe in seeking the face of the Lord but we also believe in sustaining a culture of real joy in serving the Lord. This is generally expressed during times of fellowship anytime…anywhere… through BBQ, shared lunches and dinners and laughter…. The summer season does not slow us down.

A place to Grow: We believe that God does not make junk. All people have potential and we strive to harness that capability to enable each member of the body to be productive, prosperous and maximize their potential. We also create opportunities for people to serve in their areas of expertise with Excellence.

Little Angel’s School: We believe, that the children, God has so graciously given you need to be taught God’s word, build their own friendships, laugh a lot and grow in the knowledge of God. We have anointed mature teachers who are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to bring out the talent they possess and patiently minister to their unique needs and personalities every week during our weekly service.

Nurturing Leaders: We believe that Leaders make all the difference. We have specific energizing leadership training programs and encourage 1-1 coaching and mentoring sessions to groom our leaders in the pipe line and to further develop our leadership teams to achieve Excellence.

Soaring Eagles: We believe that our young adults are our future leaders. We have monthly youth sessions which provide a safe haven for our youth to build on their niche areas of anointing and to grow to take on future challenges with confidence.

Coaching and Counseling: We have professional counselors who care enough to engage with people individually, counsel marriages and advise people who need extra support and guidance to be the best they can be.

Prayer support: Here people voluntarily invest their time to constantly pray for people’s personal needs. We believe in P.U.S.H (Pray until something happens)

At AGM, we don’t believe in just making contact…we Endeavour to create a lasting legacy… Join with us to enjoy an abundant life in Christ…

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