The Beginning


23rd March 2001, the day AGM took shape in the United Arab Emirates. It all began when the Holy Spirit led pastors, Samuel and Arlene Tressler to open doors to what they believe to be a new era of spiritual awakening. The first AGM Church was started in Jhansi in the northern parts of India in 1993.

The church is branded by a genuine love for people and a dynamic unique combination of W.W.F (Worship, Word and Fellowship) being noticeably multi–racial, and has anointed preaching and ministry that releases people from every walk of life into their God-given destiny. The church has now grown in both quality and quantity with additional churches planted in Nairobi, Kenya, other parts of India and the Middle East.

Strategically situated in the 10/40 window, which is located between 10 and 40 degrees of the equator, a general area that in 1990 was purported to have the least access to the Christian message, Christian resources as well as have the largest population of non-Christians on planet earth.
The people of AGM are worshippers of Jesus Christ who believe that nothing is impossible with God. They have developing Faith, pray much, laugh much and have learnt what it means to tremble at HIS Word.

If you seek to experience the presence of God, make sure to worship with them….

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