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Pastors Samuel & Arlene Tressler Pastors Samuel & Arlene Tressler Compelled by a zealous assurance to see people flourish in every realm of their existence,founders and senior pastors of Amazing Grace Ministries, Samuel and Arlene Tressler have extended their wings to 3 continents of the world- Middle East, Asia and Africa. Their zeal coupled with their natural fervor, sincere concern for people, and anointed instruction has powered a work which spans over 20 years. Their vision is to have churches in all the 7 continents of the world making a way for souls to get saved and people to return back to the Lord. More detail
Samy & Saku Samy & Saku Samy & Saku, both Hindu converts are Engineers by profession. Over the years, we in Amazing Grace church have all been witness to their zeal & love for the Lord & HIS people, their hospitality & their faith filled attitude. More detail