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  • Pastors Samuel & Arlene Tressler with founders of ‘word of ‘faith’ Christian centre

    Pastors Jimmy & Mariana Crompton Port Elizabeth South Africa
  • Life Christian University Graduation

    Dubai campus
  • Pastors Samuel & Arlene Tressler with Pastor Jaromír Žumár

  • Pastor Samuel Tressler ministering

    in Washington DC, USA
  • Pastor Samuel Tressler at Life Christian university campus

    with founder Douglas Wingate, Tampa, Florida
  • Pastor Samuel Tressler main speaker

    at IPC Leaders conference, North India
  • Pastor Samuel Tressler in the Philippines

Sabbath Service Come & Join

Our Sabbath services take place in the beautiful sanctuaries of St. Luke’s Chapel in Sharjah and Christ Church in Jebel Ali, Dubai. (For Service Schedule scroll down) In all our services we are privileged to have an opportunity of entering God’s throne of grace with praise and worship followed by tithes and offering. We then partake in the Holy Communion recognizing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the atonement of our sins. We are blessed to have anointed servants of God to bring forth the powerful and life changing Word of God. Whilst our faith is soaring high, we are privileged to be ministered by the laying-on of the hands and prayed over by the presbytery imparting God’s virtue of healing and anointing. The services are filled with God’s presence ministering to the needs of His people. In our services you will witness the healing miracles of Christ and a deep sense of belonging not only to Christ, but also to His family.
You are welcome!

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Our Ministries.

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

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    Soaring Eagles

    Youth Group

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    Little Angels

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    Life Christian University

    Bible School

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    Women Warrior

    For Women

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    Iron Men

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